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Drezo Regalia by Jane Christian


Yami Hikari company had created a new game gear called the Embyro that are split into two different gears: the first is the deep dive gear called ‘Sense’ and the second is high tech glasses called ‘Alive.’ One is made to transport the players mind to a virtual world, while the other is the next generation new technology that incorporates the reality with the game. A game where it test the limits of technology and human boundaries. What is real? What is fake? Who is right or wrong? What is the Seed? Is life just a game?

Three different people’s destinies are intertwined: One is on a mission, One wants change in life, and One wants to be left alone. Their story converges in a Virtual Reality MMO game called Growth. This is a story of Zero, Agnis, and BlackStar.

Welcome to the Beginning of the End is a Beginning.

Let the Song of Infinity ring again.

Note: Drezo Regalia contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly

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Listed: Aug 10, 2015


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Editor’s First Impression

By Chris Poirier, editor

Aug 12, 2015: Update: the author has now supplied a text-based version of the story on Blogspot, so the listing is back.


With respect to Wildbow’s comments, my mistake. I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I reviewed it, and shouldn’t have listed it as it doesn’t meet our standards.

I’ve archived the listing. For those of you who still want to read it, you can find it at http://www.drezoregalia.com/

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Virtual world story has technical issues

By Wildbow, author of Ward

Aug 10, 2015: If someone is going to post their site as image files instead of text, the image files need to be clean, free of jpeg artifacts that would muddle the words. The text is small for a large screen (probably the equivalent of size 6 font) and doesn’t translate well to mobile either, with the aforementioned blurriness making it even worse. It’s barely readable.

I could list a host of other issues – the color combination of yellow text on brown, the fact that one chapter switches between multiple points of view, the heavy saturation of adjectives that choke the text at times, or how actually clicking on ‘next chapter’ doesn’t actually take you to the next chapter (the bright, oversized words, they do nuffink!) but you have to click the smaller arrow off to the side instead. I’ll sum it up as this: For a story about a -popular- virtual world, it doesn’t seem to grasp that the audience comes first, and this isn’t a site or a format that serves the audience at all.

It’s unreadable as it stands.

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