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Earthcast by Koryos

The earth here changes things. 

The earth here changes things. Gabi was dead and buried, but she came back. Came back hungry and ready to taste everything that life never offered her. But as it turns out, even the dead have rules they must obey, and Gabi finds herself in a great deal of trouble when she crosses a witch.

To make amends, Gabi’s got to steal a golem, a golem that belongs to another witch called Mother Forest. But the newly-made golem might be more than Gabi bargained for. Kezia, it calls itself, and it looks around the world with the eyes of a child. But it learns fast. She learns fast.

The earth here changes things. Mother Forest won’t take kindly to having her servant stolen, and that other witch is getting impatient; Gabi’s caught in between, and still trying to forget what life was like when she was alive. But Kezia is trying to remember- memories that are hers, or maybe aren’t hers, who knows? They call the forest hungry, and they say the trees eat peoples’ souls, and the darker the woods get, the more twisted the earth becomes. If they hold hands, Gabi and Kezia might make it through together.

Note: Earthcast contains some graphic violence.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jul 5, 2015

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By Fiona Gregory, editor

Sep 27, 2015: Wow! This is an exceptional piece of fantasy writing, evoking awe, wonder, beauty, horror, sorrow, and mystery. I was captivated from the first paragraph. The writing is very descriptive, yet flows so beautifully I was never tempted to skim. I loved being in the innocent mind of the awakened golem, and the more cynical and selfish strigoi’s point of view makes an effective foil. This mismatched pair venture through a wondrous but cruel and dangerous world, based on East European folk tales and history. Beyond this, I cannot add much to lifesharpener’s excellent review, just add my recommendation.

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Read this if you like your fantasy stories mysterious and a little dark.

By lifesharpener, author of Man of Last Millennium

Jul 6, 2015: Earthcast is a phenomenal piece of writing, with a fascinating intertwining of fantasy elements from various sources, predominantly Eastern European folklore (Romanian), Hebrew mysticism, and some more modern fantasy themes that I have seen before in Japanese culture (but am unsure of their origin).

A manufactured clay golem (female) with free will and a strigoi (female) that gave it to her, Earthcast switches constantly between the perspectives of these two female leads.

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Caught between a witch and a hard place

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Sep 16, 2016: If you like your fairy tales to be epic, mixed up and full of feels then this is the story for you.

Earthcast follows a strigoi (a form of Romanian vampire) and a golem in their journey to be free. Free of their past and others’ pasts, free from a variety of dangers and mostly free from some terrifying witches. The two main characters grow together as their innocence or spitting-cat-fury-and-paranoia slowly rounds out the edges of each other’s personality. They [more . . .]

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