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Earworm by The Keeper

He's the boy of your... nightmares. 

William Knight is a high school misfit with the ability to control people’s dreams. When he falls for Hope Ferretti, the most popular girl in school, William tries to woo her in her subconscious mind, bringing to life her greatest desires—including the one thing she wants more than anything else. But when Hope falls for football star Joel Fitch, William is unable to control his emotions and he unleashes a series of nightmares on Hope and her unsuspecting boyfriend.

Note: Earworm contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 6, 2014


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Sweet Dreams

By t4nky, author of Nowhere Island University

May 24, 2015: I have to admit, I’m still in kind of the early stages of Earworm. However, I know good horror writing when I see it, and this certainly has potential. It certainly has two of the most important points of horror down pat: atmosphere and the monster.

Atmosphere is very good. Mystic Island, the place where the story takes place, always seems to have something bubbling under the surface. Even in the most innocent-seeming scenes, there’s always something just slightly off. And [more . . .]

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Earworm: Gets in your head.

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Feb 26, 2015: I’ll start by saying that although I enjoy the paranormal—and outright horror—genres, there’s a quality of ‘creepy’ that just freaks me out. Earworm seems to be quite happy living in that category.

It starts out on a good note for a horror story, then transitions to a coming of age, slice-of-life drama. And then it starts to get creepy. And it just keeps getting creepier as you get to know more about the main character, his past, and you start thinking [more . . .]

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Sticks in Your Head

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Nov 18, 2014: William Knight

I didn’t know this before, but an earworm is what you call it when you get a song or a phrase stuck in your head. It’s a good title for the story and one that gets used within it. William Knight. The lead character is an awkward high school boy who’s just had to transfer schools. There’s some ugliness in his past that I won’t go into, a well as some rather boding foreshadowing.

[more . . .]

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