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Eastridge Academy: School for Adventurers by JLY and KL


Fell is a farm boy who dreams of becoming a warrior, Averi is a Princess who wants to do something useful with her life, and Rai Ravin is a thief who just wants to break the rules. Luckily, at Eastridge Academy, School for Adventurers, anything is possible. Follow these students as they learn to how to fight, how to use magic, and how to survive being an adventurer . . . 

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Aug 13, 2008


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By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Aug 20, 2008: I started reading this book with not many expectations. College/school stories seem to be in bountiful supply, and this one, unfortunately, didn’t break the norm.

Even so, it wasn’t the mediocre world that buggered me the most—it was the characters. They seemed rather two dimensional to me, instead of real people. This cardboard aspect particularly affected the secondary characters who were either bullies or shallow, petty nobility.

I’m glad I read on, however, as the last three chapters were good, with a nice little plot twist and a glimpse at some of the more cardboard characters that ended far too soon. I would have liked to see more of Rakam and what, exactly, made him tick as he had a pivotal role at the end.

The writing is ok. The entire narrative could be tightened.

The site design was unique. It reads like a real book and you just click the pages to turn them. There are also illustrations and that was nice to see the characters in the flesh.

All in all, this was modern fantasy fare, but an enjoyable way to pass the time.

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Has some potential but is lacking all too much.

By Chaos Attendant, member

Sep 13, 2008: I glanced at one of the School For Adventurers writers blogs and I noticed that they were asking for people to contribute reviews here. I’ve been here before then too, but, all the same, I may as well contribute my piece.

Well, it’s rather brutal.

The nutshell: There is no nuance. The world and characters lack depth, cohesion, and realism. There are some odd contradictions at times, and on the whole it [more . . .]

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Surprisingly addictive reading

By Honda, member

Sep 13, 2008: SFA seems to fill a void in this reader’s number of genres; it’s the internet’s answer to Harry potter. Four teenage main characters all training to become adventurer’s one day in an RPG cliche world. Sounds rather simple? It is at first, but quickly the plot evolves – political disputes, awkward hormones, breaking stereotypes (we have a princess who is a thief for example, a classic good looking hero type in Rai who incidentally finds he makes a better cleric than anything), moral questions, intrigue. It’s a slow starter, but [more . . .]

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Fun Genre Piece with Clever Hooks and Plot Twists

By chucklyfun, member

Sep 11, 2008: The story is about a school, equivalent to a college or university, that trains the adventurers other high fantasy novels are made of. It fulfills that premise rather well by focusing on a few freshmen characters and following their own time in the school and associated extra-curricular activities.

As for the school itself, it only offers 4 majors (Warrior, Thief, Mage, Cleric), each of which can also be taken as a minor. Each student is expected to take a major and [more . . .]

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