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For the Description Lover

By LadyAnder, author of Edict

Sep 2, 2016: This story is quite the fantasy read and it may fulfill the desires of those who love descriptive high fantasy. I mean the description is lovely. That is what stands out to me as I know there are readers out there who appreciate this sort of thing.

However, I’ve a single gripe about this novel which is rather minor considering I did enjoy reading it is that it’s a bit slow. Now, I’m not saying that all novels need to be paces exactly the same always fast moving and for those who are looking for something fast pace might be put off by how slow this story moves. A part of me wants to say it gets excessive especially at the start, however I think it’s worth it given who well-written this is.

No I’ve not read the entire story yet because there is so much to go through so I’m not going to say anything much about the story or the characters. I do plan on it because I do enjoy it. This to me is something I have to sit down and read on chapter at a time. There is a lot of world here and I know people love reading fantasy stories of this nature.

Could I recommend this?

Yes, to the fantasy lover who love those epic high fantasy with a lot of world and descriptions but it is a little slow because of that.

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