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If I could be like Xena

By bozaki87, member

Apr 28, 2012: I stumbled on this novel late one night after looking for hours on forums for some fantasy fiction worth my while.

While I do not consider myself too picky when it comes to fiction, I find reading online too be too tiring and I usually get bored easily. I can’t say that this has happened with Eikasia yet.

The story follows a young shapeshifter, Nyx, who stumbles on a controversial fighter, Elle. I followed along the first couple of chapters like crazy because the story reminded me of good ol’ Xena. Well to some extent of course – I loved the badass attitude of Elle and the "Why-me-god?" exclamations of Nyx as she is being drag to waters way too deep for her liking. The lines are grewatly written, funny, scary or simply dramatic when needed the characters look, act and sound real while the world they move in seems alive. The flashbacks scattered along the story and some chapters that concern the main characters dark past are greatly written, they provide insight and are generally enjoyable without disturbing the overall flow of the story.

I expected SOME subtext – maybe the similarities to Xena made me think that this is what I’d get – but instead I got a full out romance story forming from the very beginning. While not very comfortable at first, I found myself really enjoying the relationship of the two women and caring for them as the story progressed.

So yeah. I’d say go for this one – head first. I’ve been around for some time now and I still find this novel to be the best web fiction I’ve ever read and among the most enjoyable stories ever.

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