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Nomen est omen

By Eldoran, member

Dec 12, 2009: Eikasia is quite unusual fantasy story. Similar to "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin it is told as seen by some of the protagonists, most of the time that is Elmiryn and Nyx. Later a few others are included. What’s really special is that not only they are quite believable persons with a very different background, virtually any of them has a serious mental problem. For example Nyx has troubles with her animal side and Elmiryn suffers from a curse that warps her perception. So they not only have to survive and probably defeat a few enemies on their travels, but do that while there is a war going on in their heads. Of course there are enemies from past and present they have to deal with.and other more mundane problems.

The story evolves as seen by the writer, which can change during a chapter. There are a lot of mysteries, legends and rumors going around too. But there is very little background on the world (of course most things are considered common knowledge by its inhabitants). So unless it really happens around them, it is usually not mentioned or impossible to tell from a a myth). Things get even more complicated as the special mental problems influence their perception of the events and it can take some time or the account of another protagonist to finally reveal the truth.

Until recently I simply couldn’t tell if magic spells or wizards/mages/witches existed in this world, the same applies to the limits of known/used technology. Right now (Chapter 13) it is obvious, that the story happens in a fantasy world where various different magical beings exist, though most inhabitants probably will see little that couldn’t plausibly happened in the real world except a few shape-changers. There are magic users, but they are rare and probably at most as powerful as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. Technology seems to be so unreliable above what would be seen in a Robin Hood movie, that it either needs magic to function or is so special it could be magical after all. Last but not least there is the drama surrounding the feeligs and conflict in the relationship between Elmiryn and Nyx. Elmiryn has at least a crush on Nyx, who is a lot less enthusiastic about that..

This definitely is a story for mature readers, who like complex stories. There is definitely little comedy and it takes a few chapters until the story really gets going. If you are looking for a story with a bright mood and a lot of comedy like "Peter and the Vampires", then this is definitely the wrong story. The strength of the story definitely lies in the plot and the very special characters (and their quirks).

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