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Encircle the Sun by a_chiba


Encircle the Sun, currently being serialized online, is the first novel in The Diasminian Chronicles. It follows Harata, the lone Clanless Diasminian, and his nine Champions as they attempt to rescue their world from imminent implosion. However, not all of the heroes of this tale are certain that their world needs- or even deserves- saving. Set in the country of Diasminion, where nine Clans of people are divided in a rigid caste system, Harata finds himself as burdened with trying to convince his Champions to respect one another as he is with attempting to escape the government’s HeadHunters. To make matters worse, our uneducated hero can make little sense of the instructions given to him by The Tormentor, the mysterious man who set this story in motion.

Note: Encircle the Sun contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jul 30, 2015


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