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Entirely Presenting You by Nippoten

Quietly, like the heroine of a horror movie… 

Alexis is a girl at the height of her high school career, a social butterfly with no shortage of friends, popularity, or things to do on the weekends. Until she falls victim to a vicious attack, and is brought to the brink of death. She survives, but it soon becomes clear that she cannot return to the same life she nearly left. At the risk of her body and mind, Alexis attempts to deal with the changes both around and within her . . . 

At the very least, you cannot say that the girl didn’t try.

Note: Entirely Presenting You contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Nov 6, 2016


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Teen girl trying to comes to terms with monstrosity, not awful not great.

By Is_Generally_Hostile, author of The Comatose Girl

Nov 30, 2016: This is a review swap.

The series is at eight parts so far, ongoing, and says it updates weekly. Each post felt a little bit longer than average to me – I just double checked the first post, it comes in at 4100 words. So, decent chunks of text here, larger than I’d personally like at once, but not a huge issue.

The story centers around an asian teenage girl going to high school and her struggle adjusting to her new found abilities after she’s bitten by what appears to be a vampire. Like I said, eight posts so far so it’s hard to really nail down the plot, but that seems to be the gist of it.

I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler, the girl being attacked happens pretty early on and the main character immediately jumps to the word vampire – the story doesn’t seem to be about figuring out what happened, but more about how to deal with what happened.

From the art on the first page, I really thought I was going to hate this. It did feel like it went pretty slow in the first chapter or so, but once the girl gets attacked and she starts having to come to terms with her new abilities and make sense of them the author hits a stronger stride and it became more fun to read, at least for me personally.

I wouldn’t personally recommend this, but only eight posts in and maybe five of them at what seems to be full stride, it’s hard to make a quality judgement on the author as a whole. I’d be curios to see more of this story and what the author works on next.

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