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Entirely Presenting You by Nippoten

Quietly, like the heroine of a horror movie… 

Alexis is a girl at the height of her high school career, a social butterfly with no shortage of friends, popularity, or things to do on the weekends. Until she falls victim to a vicious attack, and is brought to the brink of death. She survives, but it soon becomes clear that she cannot return to the same life she nearly left. At the risk of her body and mind, Alexis attempts to deal with the changes both around and within her . . . 

At the very least, you cannot say that the girl didn’t try.

Note: Entirely Presenting You contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 6, 2016

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Stick It Out and you’ll be Amazed

By Nico H, author of Nicoserial

Jul 13, 2017: Stick it out? That’s right, the first few chapters have some clumsy phrasing. The foreshadowing is appreciated but a bit obvious, and the characters aren’t incredibly defined. All of these problems are shed to the wayside as the story continues, and it goes from a mildly interesting story with some unimpressive execution, to an entirely compelling read that kept me up late reading. I was so interested by this story that I completed the entire thing in under 24 Hours.

So [more . . .]

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This vampire story doesn’t suck, in more ways than one

By aspectofmind, member

Sep 7, 2017: Vampires are an old trope, and for a lot of people, a tired one. Much like the zombie craze a few years back, except vampires had the curse of being around in fiction for a little longer. We’ve seen them demonized and romanticized, something to fear and something for teenage girls to desire. As far as stories go, vampires have had every story under the sun.

And here is Entirely Presenting You, trying to throw it’s hat in that particular ring. [more . . .]

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A unique journey of one girl’s struggle for justice, and sanity, in society’s dark underbelly.

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Sep 2, 2018: On her sixteenth birthday, Alexis is attacked by, and transformed into, a vampire. As she struggles to maintain a normal life, she finds herself stumbling into the role of a superhero. Almost immediately, any delusions of becoming a friendly neighborhood champion of the downtrodden is swept aside as she becomes deeply embroiled in the violent conflicts and power struggles of her city’s criminal gangs.

On the face of it, Entirely Presenting You has everything I find boring [more . . .]

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