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This vampire story doesn’t suck, in more ways than one

By aspectofmind, member

Sep 7, 2017: Vampires are an old trope, and for a lot of people, a tired one. Much like the zombie craze a few years back, except vampires had the curse of being around in fiction for a little longer. We’ve seen them demonized and romanticized, something to fear and something for teenage girls to desire. As far as stories go, vampires have had every story under the sun.

And here is Entirely Presenting You, trying to throw it’s hat in that particular ring. And the results are great.

To summarize, Entirely Presenting You is about a girl who turns into a vampire, and tries to be a superhero.

‘Tries’ being the key word that ties the story together.

Alexis, the main character, is someone ill-equipped to be a superhero, especially in a world where neither superheroes or vampires previously existed. She makes mistakes, circumstances and consequences stack against her, and when she does make it out of any given situation, pieces fall in a way that creates another avalanche for her to deal with in the future.

That doesn’t mean she’s completely incompetent, she has a few clever solutions out of certain predicaments here and there, and the measures she takes to get around her lust for blood . . . I’ve never considered them, at least.

But dammit, does she try! And that’s where the heart of this thing shows. Through the constant and persistent beatdown of a young teenage girl, you can’t help but feel for her, even a little.

The writing works, it flows nicely and reads well, albeit the first few chapters are a bit clunky to get through. The story definitely gets better, and the way that story is told gets better as the serial continues. There’s bits of repetition and parallelism layered throughout, sometimes it works and adds a new context to a scene, other times it’s somewhat unwarranted and on the nose.

There are interludes here too that serve to provide other perspectives that Alexis can’t give herself. They’re welcome additions, adding much needed world building while usually packed with twists and turns that kept me engaged.

The setting though is where the real intrigue and drama come in. Set in a fictional city in the South, this place makes Daredevil’s Hell’s Kitchen look like Weenie Hut General. Slap on some real world sensibilities, in which people immediately question and fear why a person with superpowers is suddenly here existing, and you have the makings of an atmosphere that lays the paranoia on thick for the MC.

Also worth noting is that there are a few comics that serve as interludes as well. They’re humorous enough and canonically loose. Neat additions, but not essential. If anything, they’re a testament to how versatile web fiction can be.

All in all, EPY is a great story that knows how to play with the conventions of both superhero and vampire stories, averting and subverting enough tropes to keep me on my toes and deliver something unique as a whole. It definitely sets itself apart from the rest. I highly recommend it.

Keep in mind that I give this story a 5 not because it’s perfect, but that’s the level of enjoyment I got out of the story and the writing as it improved. The first chapters/arc don’t quite sell the serial as well as it could, and if you aren’t a fan of the MC, then the story won’t be as gripping to you as it progresses. EPY is far more concerned about one girl’s journey dealing with powers rather than providing answers about exactly where they came from. Fortunately for me, I was sucked in.

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