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Watch me punch the fourth wall. With my face!

By TanaNari, author of Price

Feb 15, 2016: Another fun, easy-reading story.

This main character comes across like Saitama. Though significantly less badass.

He is accustomed to such utter weirdness that nothing seems to phase him anymore, including the imaginary voice in his head known as "The Narrator" who, you guessed it, narrates the story. Or his evil talking fridge.

The Narrator, out of boredom, creates us- The Audience- to talk to. That’s right, this guy’s imaginary friend creates its own imaginary friends.

The Good:

This story is laugh-out-loud funny. The story is an unapologetic blend of silly and dark humor. Truly over the top weirdness is par for the course, and the dark stuff is similarly over the top.

The Narrator is the foil to the main character’s weird sort of ‘straight man’ role. In a manner again reminiscent of Saitama and Genos. Although it’s more along the lines of avoiding vs encouraging utter weirdness.

The Bad(ish, but not that bad):

Chapters are short. A couple hundred words at most. So short that it feels like all it’s missing to be a webcomic instead of a webserial is an artist, including the habit of a punchline every chapter. It does disrupt the flow a bit.

On the other hand . . . there have been times when I had to stop reading at the end of a chapter and just laugh for a while, so perhaps it does work better this way.

Sometimes the dark humor is just dark and not funny. Like early on an asshole character clubs a squirrel to death with a crowbar. It clashes with the otherwise generally . . . well, not lighthearted per se, but certainly exaggerated and unrealistic tones.

All in all, barely more than bumps in the road on an otherwise hilarious ride that has my jaw aching.

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