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Very disturbing, but some excellent character development.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jun 6, 2017: I usually open with a stylized interpretation of the story, but . . . I have to open with a warning.

This story contains graphic violence, sex, and violent sex. I despise the casual overuse to which the word Trigger is used these days, but . . . this story is very potentially triggering for victims of sexual and psychological abuse. It contains very definite scenes of rape, stockholm syndrome, ptsd, and violence triggered depression, as well as mind control used for evil. If you don’t want to read that, don’t read this story.

That out of the way, the story is placed in a universe where RPG mechanics run things. Yes, one of those. Including message boxes presented as such in the story, menus, subscreens, mechanics, and character sheets. Its a well designed system though, I find myself wanting to play the game.

The main character is a Mimic. A dumb animal that looks like a treasure chest and eats low level adventurers. it gets lucky, however, and smart. but it stays VERY VERY HUNGRY.

You will find yourself hating the main character often. It is a monster, and acts like it. But . . . the story is still oddly compelling.

On the prose, dialogue generally flows pretty well, with definite differences between characters that don’t use dialect as a crutch. Repeated phrases is an often jarring problem. (Even though he thought x, blah blah blah. New paragraph, Even though he ran, blah blah blah.)

It happens pretty often, as do a few other cases of bad editing, repetition of the same thought two different ways, loss of focus. The editor in me kept reaching for the red pen. But it wasn’t enough to get in the way of the story. And the story . . .  If nothing else, this story is the textbook case of character development. The main character develops, literally, as it levels up and gains intelligence and wisdom and other skills and stats. And as it grows and becomes different, It’s actions, thoughts, words, techniques grow with it, yet it never leaves its base motivation. If you want a lesson on how to change a grow a character while staying true to its original purpose, this is a wonderful guide.

So, in short, decent writing, good characters, entertaining and fun, gory, hypersexual, and emotionally disturbing to the extreme.

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