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Absurd in the Best Way

By caerulex, author of Apex Predator

Jun 26, 2017: This story is one of the most absurd I’ve ever read. The main character is a man-eating treasure-chest look-alike who, by the most freakish of lucky events, becomes a warlock.

I have no idea how the author, Exterminatus, was able to come up with this premise, but it’s absolutely brilliant. The story is enormously ironic and made me laugh constantly. If you’re tired of boring protagonists with human morals and goals, this story is perfect. The MC is violent, ravenous, heartless, and (later) diabolical.

As another reviewer pointed out, this fiction does have incredibly explicit, violent sex and disturbing psychological trauma (i.e. extreme masochism). Personally, I wasn’t super into the extremely explicit parts of the fiction, as they read like hentai and that’s not my cup of tea, but I still read them and they do make sense/add to the plot and the general absurdity of the entire fiction (they aren’t just mindless fanservice).

tl;dr read this fiction if you love hilarious, well-executed absurdity.

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