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This treasure chest is full of junk food for the mind.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Nov 1, 2017: 3.5 stars.

It’s junk. It’s junk and glorious, unapologetic, ironic trash throughout. It’s got quite a few unnecessarily pornographic scenes that detract from the flow of the story. Every single character is portrayed in the most problematic ways, from attitudes to character growth(/degeneracy). Every flaw in it pointed out by other reviews and every trigger warning it has earned is true.

That being said . . . 

The premise manages to be eye-rollingly bad, but compelling. In a world where everything is literally an RPG, the tale of The Little Mimic That Could (And Then Did, And Then Murdered and Ate Everyone, and Then Went and Did It Again and Again and Again) continues to tickle me just right.

Despite all the flaws, and occasionally because of them, Everybody Loves Large Chests lives up to the promise of its name. The story is unapologetic about its trashy nature, delivers well on it, and throws in enough twists, turns, and unlikable characters that you don’t really mind at all watching them come to bad ends around Boxxy T. Morningwood.

(Yes. That’s our protagonist’s name.)

The story works because it embraces its own badness, and rolls hard with it. Our main character is an amoral, asexual, murderous monster, which means that its drives are both simplistic but different enough from a more ordinary story that it stays interesting and fresh.

It’s very compelling to root for a bad guy, especially a bad guy who is being true to his own nature, and not acting out of malice so often as he is just acting true to what he is: An amoral monster that exists to murder and eat people.

Despite that, the tone of the story is pretty light, ironic, and fluffy, with most violence and gore played out for laughs or karmic retribution. I go into it every week knowing that I’m indulging my mind in the literary equivalent of Funyuns, but I can’t help but enjoy this silly, trashy, compelling little webfiction.

You won’t be smarter or proud of yourself for having read it, but you won’t care. This one is just a fun read.

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