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Exiles by McQueen Serial Fantasy

Struggle and survival on a forgotten continent. 

Kalkonu, the lost continent.

It is a forgotten place, beyond society, beyond morals, and beyond law. It is the dark corner where the nations of the world dispose of their . . . undesirables, and a prison from which there is no escape.

Banished to live out their lives on the frozen tundra, an ensemble cast of broken, misfit heroes struggle to survive and regain their place. Rising from the cold ashes of their former lives, they face the ancient, wakening horrors of their new home with sorcery and steel.

Note: Exiles contains some graphic violence.

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Listed: Dec 8, 2017


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It’s Grim. Good. Check it out.

By Typist Kid, author of The Zone

Mar 14, 2018: I really liked the pdf format. The only thing that was annoying was having to go to the main site each time I wanted to read the next chapter. But this is some nicely written fiction.

Dark fantasy. I got that feel in the first chapter. The grimness comes through nicely. The cast is nice, and well . . . damn it, I’ll just tell you what I think.

Now this story is not amateurish. I [more . . .]

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A dark, moody fantasy story with a fascinating cast.

By Carcharocles, author of The Revelation

Feb 27, 2018: Two things to point out before I review: this was done as part of a review trade, and I’ve only read 6 chapters so far. Despite this, I will likely keep following Exiles and McQueen’s other works afterward.

The story isn’t your typical fantasy tale. While there are the usual Tolkien inspired races (humans, halflings and elves), the story is rather dark and moody, even if a bit violent. Magic is described as simply being too expensive to practice rather than [more . . .]

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An odd tale.

By Rhythm, author of Touch

Jul 28, 2018: (Note, four star score added after the fact as the author voiced his intent to remedy some of the flaws mentioned.)

Okay, this review’s a weird one for me. It’s rare that I ever encounter such a stark contrast of highs and lows in a single story. For that reason, I will abstain from giving it a rating, as I genuinely think this example defies that system. A part of me wants to give it a solid four point five, but [more . . .]

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