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Existential Terror and Breakfast by Rev. Fitz

An existential serial with cereal. 

Existential Terror and Breakfast follows the dreary, listless life of Malcolm Steadman. It concerns not the exciting, life affirming moments of his life, but rather the tedious, boring moments that are interrupted by epiphanies both bleak and terrible without warning when he fails to busy himself. It concerns the moments that make breakfast too profound to eat.

Note: Existential Terror and Breakfast contains some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Mar 13, 2017


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Refreshingly Different

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Apr 14, 2017: My review of Existential Terror and Breakfast is based on the fourteen episodes currently available. I was easily able to read through all of it in one sitting and I feel like this work is still very early in development. As this story progresses, I may alter my rating accordingly. Although, I’m already leaning toward a higher rating since I have a real good feeling that I won’t be disappointed with the progression of this tale and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

[more . . .]


The best thing I ever hated.

By Rhythm, author of Touch

Jan 22, 2018: Full disclosure, this review was written as part of a swap.

Existential Terror and Breakfast is perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever had to review, and my reason for saying this is very simple: it affected me. Whether this is a good thing in terms of my own enjoyment remains to be seen, but it speaks volumes of Rev.Fitz’s skill as a writer.

The story follows the life and continued [more . . .]

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A Terror for Malcolm, a pleasure for me

By Maromar, author of Mystic Nan

Apr 17, 2017: Firstly, I must commend Rev. Fitz for his use of inkblots on his website, it fits tastefully with the story’s main source of conflict, Malcolm’s own mind.

At first, the style and writing mechanics are minimalistic, but tight. Just enough information is given to set the scene, and no more. This does wonders for trivializing the physical world, lending greater impact to Malcolm’s inner crisis. Later, Rev. Fitz treats us with more elaborate prose that incorporates many scenery aspects with his [more . . .]

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