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By Docmars, author of Tomorrow Girl in Bismarck

Dec 14, 2017: This is the type of story where you get up and you stare at something for a while in a way that never really occurred at you to stare at before. Existential chair breakfast is an interesting and odd little odd story of Malcolm, a simple, lonely man who lives in a simple, quite lonely world, who, one day, when staring at a piece of toast, comes to the realization that his entire life is pointless and terrible and awful in all those ways. If that sounds funny to you, then you’re on the exact right wavelength for this sort of thing.

I found it funny. It’s real funny, actually, in a lot of ways, that only an author who can write really funny, bleak things can truly kind of get. It gets the great, terrible fear that the world is for a lot of people, and I would give this a solid recommend.

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