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Flung hard, but not well.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Aug 4, 2016: (Disclaimer: This review was conducted as part of a mutual review arrangement.)

Plot synopsis in a nutshell: Ship activates a hyperjump drive, gets hijacked by accident(?) and ends up arriving in an entirely different galaxy instead, and in the middle of an inter-galaxy war.

The Good: Far Flung fires off short, tight updates that engrossed me immediately. As soon as it found its stride, I found myself blinking owlishly up at the time in incredulity, saying "I didn’t just read ten chapters, did I?" I did.

The Bad: Far Flung, in the opening chapters, over-writes its dialogue too heavily, with too much "as you should know" exposition. Early on, through this mechanism, the story does too much telling and not enough showing, or trusting the reader to infer. I found the space combat scenes rather incoherent.

The Ugly: The site’s links are broken in places, and the table of contents doesn’t reflect every chapter available. It makes chasing down the next chapter a bit of an exercise in frustration. On the positive side: I didn’t note any typos or errors within the text of the story itself.

Overall, once the story hits its stride, I found myself enjoying it. It’s fast, light reading, immensely approachable, and the chapters are quick reads. Once the early chapters over-written dialogue settles down, the rest of the dialogue is tight and to-the-point, and the plot moves along at a steady pace.

There’s tropes here galore, some the work well, some that don’t. If you don’t mind trope-heavy genre literature, this will be an okay read if you like space operas with a touch of star trek.

3 stars out of 5.

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