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It’s off to a decent start

By Oniwasabi, author of The Monster They Deserve

Sep 21, 2014: Only a few chapters exist at the time of this review, but what’s there so far is promising. The story is told in first person perspective by a young magic user who specializes in (hopefully you guessed it) firestarting! Also who seems to have a knack for getting into situations that end up more than a bit out of control (both the current story and some fragmented anecdotes that are referenced), usually as a result of said young magic user’s willingness to ignore the law in search of employment.

The major points in the story’s favor so far are 1) the main character is interesting and feels "real" and 2) the magic seems to be avoiding some of the traps of modern supernatural fiction (that being the magic seems to be well laid out as if the author has spent the effort to make a real set of rules and a framework for how it works).

There’s not enough there yet to see how the other major hurdle of modern supernatural: how the world handles having magic shoehorned into it, so I’m looking forward to that getting more detailed (and worried at the same time as this is where a lot of this genre loses me).

Overall, definitely enough good here to recommend it and to keep me checking it out for awhile.

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