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Off to an interesting start

By adenpenn, member

Mar 4, 2011: The prelude to Fog Island Flowers is a very rich and engrossing read. The author has a way with descriptions that make them full and interesting, but without going on in length.

My thought is that a prelude to a story is supposed to suck you in, and make you want more. This one delievered, it gave me just enough to get ready to start clicking and keep going.

And then I got confused. The nagivation isn’t as straight forward as perhaps it could be. I had a hard time figuring out where to go next. There is plenty of things to click on and play with at the end of the story, but the only link to more work is for Teaser #3. I found Teaser #1 & #2 when I went back to the serial’s main page.

The teasers were just that, short little snippets. They felt like they were pulled out of something bigger, sometimes right in the middle of that something bigger. That threw me at first, but I did go through and read all three.

I would read more of this if it ever gets posted.

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