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Fooled by Nina Santucci

The kingdom needed a hero. They weren't expecting the Royal Fool. 

FOOLED is the tale of a mischievous Royal Fool named Marco. Though he is lucky to have a job with the Crown Prince of Valona, Marco wishes he could be seen as more than just a joke, especially by the beautiful Princess Lucia.

So when Prince Leo is captured by an evil sorcerer, the Fool sets off on a hilarious adventure to find the White Knight, the kingdom’s last hope. Teaming up with his pet parrot and some newfound friends, Marco must use all the wit he’s got to save the day – before it’s too late!

A complete novel

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Listed: Dec 16, 2014

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First Fifteen Review

By zephy669, author of Cruise Control

Jul 5, 2015: A FIRST FIFTEEN REVIEW Web Serial: FOOLED Written by: Nina Santucci


Fooled is a historical fantasy serial story set in Italy in the year 1496. It’s about a Royal Fool named Marco, who has a rather chummy relationship with the Crown Prince of Valona, Prince Leonardo. Marco gets involved in the relationship between Prince Leonardo and his sister, Princess Lucia, who Marco harbours unrequited feelings for.

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Don’t let the wall of text scare you!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jan 4, 2015: Fooled opens with a large prologue, a massive wall of text. Skip it. read the next chapter, catch up, then go back and read the prologue. Trust me!

Marco is the stereotypical Court Fool, but while being amusing and a friend to the prince, who hates being prince, he also pines for the princess, who hates that her brother the prince listens more to his Fool than to her. Ohh, and there is a mild case of DOOM hanging over the [more . . .]

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Only a fool would complain.

By SnowyMystic, author of Fabled Hearts

May 10, 2015: This will begin perhaps a bit unfavorably. It isn’t so much that the beginning is rocky, as it doesn’t feel like it has achieved what it meant to achieve. The beginning I speak of is restricted to the first chapter, which can reasonably be called a prologue.

Prologues are a tricky thing generally. It is quite easy for them to delay the meat of the story, or give too much meat up front among other problems. The problem in this case, [more . . .]

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