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For Riches or More by Lawrence Limehouse


An Irish-born thief of not-inconsiderable skill finds himself betrayed during a job and left to the mercies of the Parisian police.  After nearly three years in jail, he finds himself unexpectedly released ahead of schedule with only one goal in mind: revenge.  He quickly discovers that there are forces arrayed against him and, surprisingly, a considerable power supporting his efforts.  With the assistance of a friendly cab driver, his ex-wife/former partner, and a rotating cast of characters from all across the globe, he throws himself headlong into conflict with the mysterious forces and discovers what really matters along the way.

Note: For Riches or More contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Aug 4, 2015


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Solid suspense caper thriller, nothing more

By TanaNari, author of Price

Jul 23, 2016: A story that does everything right, but takes no risks. It hits its notes right, it does its villains well, it maintains a strong pace and has a series of interesting, enjoyable weirdos. Classic revenge and intrigue plots drive the story forward, with room enough for some interesting, if not terribly surprising, twists.

Past that- the prose is gorgeous. This is a writer who knows how to write, with crisp, clean language and a focus on smooth transitions that holds together [more . . .]

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By tkayo, author of blacklight

Jul 23, 2016: If you’re looking for a one sentence summary, For Riches or More is an incredibly solid, well-written story that’s definitely worth your time. Go put it in your mind-holes, or however you kids are consuming information these days.

Unlike . . . gee, probably like 90% of the stories that’re popular on here, FRoM is 100% realist fiction. Unless there’s a very, very unexpected twist coming, it’s firmly grounded in reality; the author even seems to have a reasonable grasp on how actual hacking works. [more . . .]

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For Reading and More

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Feb 5, 2017: For Riches or More is a lovingly detailed take on the concept of a Heist movie franchise. A team of good hearted misfits and rogues complete serial capers in an attempt to thwart a dastardly schemer with nefarious aims. It feels a lot like a novelization of a (nonexistent) movie franchise, similar to the Oceans IP.


There is a lot to like in For Riches Or More.

[more . . .]

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