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Forever Clone by Kai

A Magical Girl Deconstruction 

.Forever Clone. is a magical girl deconstruction placed in prose form. Or, more simply, it takes the tropes of the magical girl genre (such as magic transformations, for example) and takes it apart– measuring it against how that would actually play out within a more realistic setting.

The story itself starts with Kaiyleyn Amaru (“Kaiyle”), a fourteen year old girl who’s been having strange, pain-filled and visionless dreams. However, she only has these dreams on the nights of brutal attacks within the forest section of her town. After weeks of not sleeping well, she ends up visiting the forest section itself, finding out that she was far more connected to the attacks and “special” than she could have ever assumed.

Note: Forever Clone contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Jul 16, 2014

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The First Seven Chapters

By Letter, member

Dec 16, 2014: Okay, first up, the story’s good; not exceptional, but good. I like the characters and their interactions, although they’re a little predictable. However, my chief confusion is with the setting. A mix of Japanese and Non-Japanese names appear in the story, making it unclear whether this is Japan, America, or if this is even Earth. Not just that, but the reincarnation thing, probably intended as a deconstruction of Sailor Moon’s elements, is, well, also non-surprising.

Basically, my chief issue with the work is that the first seven chapters contain nothing that surprises me. However, again, I’ll repeat that the story is still good, and, again, I liked it.

Keep it up!

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