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Decent at the start, but leaves much to be desired (through Ch. 8)

By Arcturus, member

May 27, 2018: From Winter’s Ashes is solid for a webnovel. In particular, the characters are particularly well-fleshed out with complex and realistic histories and motivations. Further, they show progression throughout the series that follows from the ongoing events. The prose was also quite solid and flowed well.

However, the plot and setting of the novel are something of a mess. The plot of the story just doesn’t work as a believable series of events. At a certain point, it made no sense that the knights were still alive after everything they had gone through. It required serious suspension of disbelief to continue reading. Further, there were serious flaws in the plans of the necromancers after a very solid start that frankly also made no the scheme of the plot. The foreshadowing laid down by the author was also painfully obvious and didn’t help his plot at all.

The setting is also something of a garbled mess. There doesn’t seem to be a real system of magic in place that has any real consistency and it feels quite hastily thrown together, with new elements being added as we go along. This also follows in the political and cultural regions described throughout, with minimal real depth that characterizes these locales, and instead falling to hackneyed stereotypes.

Altogether, I decided to give the serial three stars for what I’ve read so far. Definitely readable and it is enjoyable, but quite flawed and leaving much to be desired.

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