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A cut above the rest.

By JDT, author of Mantles

Apr 27, 2015: To date, this is the best serial that I’ve ever read. Of the 15 or so serials from this site that I’ve tried or completed, none of them have been written this well. I recently tried to struggle through Sanderson’s Mistborn series and found the writing uninspired compared to From Winter’s Ashes.

The characters are intelligent and human, which is a huge departure from the normal fantasy staple of having creatures that embody certain aspects of human emotion. I won’t say that I am in love with any of them, but I will say that i can feel them growing on me and am more than willing to give them the chance.

For those who care, there are plenty of fantasy tropes at work here. This is not a criticism as much as it is an advisory. This is not a story that will throws genre stereotypes to the wind, but it is a story that adds depth to those stereotypes that I’ve rarely seen before.

My one and only criticism of any note is that the plot takes a bit to wind up. There are a couple chapters where things certainly happen, but they don’t feel like progress towards the resolution of what I believe to be the story’s objective. That said, things are picking up now and I’m happy to have stayed for long enough to get here.

This is an ambitious project with a great deal of potential to flourish or fail. I have the utmost faith in the authors and their ability to see it through. Honestly, I feel lucky that I get to be along for the journey.

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