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The sermon is faithful, but the feasting is ghoulish…

By Pietroschek, member

Oct 19, 2015: My first impression review is focused on the first chapter. Though I did read more to make sure I am not babbling complete crap, too.

”From Winter’s Ashes” is definitely NOT an innovative work. It is more a solid, dedicated, and classic tale. Like the info tells us, we will find it done throughout the chapters.

The format is good, readability made easy, dialogs easily recognized and so forth.

The prose used leaves no complaints. Some minor errors still exist, like wrong form or, in example, a mix of past tense and present tense, but as a Non-Native Speaker of the English language I am simply used to let my mind handle it. It is rare, no pestering recurrence!

We are told that it is focused on the works of a Detective, Knight Captain Heather Blackthorne. We are told there will be a showdown between this ex-inquisitor of sorts, and some vile necromancer. The latter being THE oldest stereotype I remember!

The author writes the scenes well, and atmosphere and suspense build-up to a degree. I would not consider it low quality, but it suffers a little bit from lacking creativity, as I even was reminded of Warcraft 3 Necromancers . . . 

This is a mature work for an adult audience, and the fact that we learn about the gruesome murders of husband & child via the one necromancer who escaped Knight Blackthorne’s latest investigation aka inquisition-style-purge and decided to choose vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.

The fact that her lack of vigilance allowed the necromancer to paralyze her and force her to watch it all MAY hint at the final confrontation to come. I sure hope so, or maybe a twist to surprise us even more? Rhetorical Question.

As a German I had further associations when the term ‘comrades’ was used for those killed necromancers, but I already fumbled with my own attempts at Nazi-Zombie-Apocalypse and am not that eager to fail again. 😉

Read this, when you want some knightly female (paladin, inquisitor, church-detective) challenged by a villainous necromancer.

If, instead, you are looking for new ways, or sympathy for the other side, then this may not be the best reading available.

Still it is a well-done work, and it deserves thanks for sharing it cost-free!

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