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Gamer Girl by Joe Berridge Beale

Life is a game. Ralphie has the cheat codes. 

‘Gamer Girl’ is a superhero action comedy web serial following the bizarre adventures of Ralphie Hero, aka Gamer Girl, a costumed vigilante with the superpower to summon the abilities and items of video game player characters. Working alongside her partner Comikazé ‘Kazé’ Maniakku, aka Fangirl, a superhero fanatic with an electric fan gun, Ralphie sets out to make a name for herself in a city already full of crime fighters. Between the monsters, the supervillains, and Ralphie’s mild sociopathic tendencies, it does not go well.

Note: Gamer Girl contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A series

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Listed: Dec 13, 2016


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No title

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Jan 3, 2017: OVERALL The series reminds me of a web comic, with energetic, silly characters, an interesting power premise, and a simple start while hinting at a larger world. If you like superheroes, anime, and video games with some funny dialogue and enjoy a bit more slapstick to your fights, give this one a look.

At the time of this writing, there are only six chapters, so it remains to be seen if some of the issues address are resolved later on or [more . . .]

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For Anime Fanfic Fans

By Team Contract, member

Dec 27, 2016: Gamer Girl is the story of two friends with superpowers aspiring to be superheroes in a world where superheroes exist, but in a parody like version of a typical superhero world. The main premise is that Gamer Girl draws her powers from video games which leads to numerous video game references, which if you know, should enhance the writing a bit. They are also both screw ups and goofballs, which lead to the comedy angle.

While the webfiction is billed as [more . . .]

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Great parts, okay start

By CorpseMoney, member

Dec 27, 2016: Gamer Girl starts instantly, within a few paragraphs you’re right in the action. Two teenage girls with super powers, one of which is the title’s namesake a ‘game girl’.

Her power is an amazing idea, and alone has the makings to be very interesting. I will probably continue reading it just because of that.

The story may throw you off if you’re a fan of many other super hero serials. Unlike others [more . . .]

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