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For Anime Fanfic Fans

By Team Contract, member

Dec 27, 2016: Gamer Girl is the story of two friends with superpowers aspiring to be superheroes in a world where superheroes exist, but in a parody like version of a typical superhero world. The main premise is that Gamer Girl draws her powers from video games which leads to numerous video game references, which if you know, should enhance the writing a bit. They are also both screw ups and goofballs, which lead to the comedy angle.

While the webfiction is billed as a comedy, I personally did not find it to be very humorous. Humor is a subjective thing however and this unfortunately was not my flavor of funny. If I were to describe it, it would be a slapstick anime told as text and it didn’t feel to me like the normal anime tropes in this genre translate very well to the written form.

This translated also to the writing itself, which reads at a fanfic level of craft. There is heavy emphasis on characterization via descriptions and external actions rather than internal motivations and thoughts. This had the effect of making it hard to distinguish between the two characters.

One thing that became especially jarring was the author referring to the same character by constantly changing descriptors. e.g. Ralphie as the superhuman or the blonde. Kaze as the Asian, the gadgeteer, the noirette(I assume it’s a person with black hair).

I’m chalking it up to perhaps being part of the comedy, but it did not personally work for me.

The plot itself was simplistic, yet the narrative surprisingly difficult to follow, perhaps due to focusing on a long fight scene right away before we even get to know or understand the character.

I thus wasn’t engaged for most of the story and found myself skimming through until about the third instalment where the characters get slammed by the public for causing more harm than good.

This part I found interesting and a bit funny, and I think would perhaps make a much better and stronger opening for the story.

Overall I’d say this is a story for a very niche audience. Think Fooly Cooly or something like that and you’d be in the right zip code. If you like Anime fan fics, especially slapstick ones, you’d probably enjoy this as well.

The writing could be improved a lot, but people who like the genre probably wont be bothered by it as much. YMMV, but for me it was a bit difficult to get through based on the level of execution.

Recommended for Anime Fan Fic fans.

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