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Gothic Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jun 30, 2018: Ghostbow is a tale told in retrospect. Our narrator, Anaya, leads us through the story of how she won a place in a family-type group of fighters, and later loses them as the result of a war. We go back and forth between her memories of her time with her friends and the memories of what happened to her after she’d lost everyone, where her story takes a very different turn.

I wasn’t sure if the way the tale was told would keep my interest, but the author does a good job of revealing enough information to keep a reader wanting to follow along, and then switching to another story thread in a way that leaves the reader tantalized to know more about each thread.

There are some errors in the text that led me to deduct half a star; I’d recommend the author use spellcheck as well as a beta to improve the text. Overall, the read was still good with only a few places that drew me out of the story because the text flow was interrupted.

The story goes up to Chapter 7 and no further updates have been posted beyond that since last October. I hope the author picks the story back up to finish it, because this is a promising start. I’d recommend this story to anyone who likes action-oriented fantasy that is also sort of creepy/scary.

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