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Cyberpunk meets Fantasy.

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Aug 28, 2015: Alright: I’m going to start by saying that "Graves" is really well written. I didn’t find any gramatical or spelling errors in the entire archive while I was reading, and the descriptions are nicely vivid. On the other hand, the chapters felt a little short and some of the ‘cliffhanger’ hooks at the end of the first couple felt a little abrupt. However, as the story progresses past the ‘getting to know the cast’ stage those seemed to smooth out more.

The story itself seems pretty interesting, but more of the archive needs to develop yet to show it off. The world seems concretely realized, even though at the point I’m writing this review the readers have only gotten to see snippets of most of it. There are elements of paranormal fantasy and some sort of inhuman threat intermingled with the cyberpunk dystopia, which provides an interesting shift from the Urban Fantasy genre I’m more familiar with.

The main character, unfortunately, is ‘not the strong one’ of her family and it shows a bit in how she lets herself be pulled along in the begening. She is dedicated to her family and does show agency in choosing the work she initially does, but when plans are being made on how to execute that work (at least in these first parts) she doesn’t seem to be getting to make much input. It leaves me hoping that she starts taking charge in the upcoming chapters, heh.

So, to wrap up: If you are a fan of Shadowrun but want a story in a new, unique setting then add a star to my review and start reading now.

If you like cyberpunk and fantasy and want to see them get along with each other, then check this one out: It’s solid.

If you like one or the other, but you’re not sure about both at the same time . . . well, knock a star off this review and then decide if you want to give it a try anyway.

If you want a heftier archive to binge through, maybe tag this as ‘to be read’ and come back in a little bit. (Note – this review is from 8/28/2015, so totally ignore this bit if it’s already been a while.)

And, on the other hand, if you find the juxtaposition of fantasy and science fiction to be just too contradictory to allow you to suspend your disbelief enough to enjoy a work of fiction, then this particular one might not be for you.

I’d still give it a look, though, personally: the chapters do go by pretty quick, and you might be surprised. (I know every once in a while someone’s style just grabs me, even if it isn’t a genre I usually seek out so it’s always worth trying something new for a chapter or two!)

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