Too much acceptance. But apart from that pretty good!

By Steve, member

May 18, 2018: Note: This is written as of reading chapter 34-01

I made an account to write a review. So here it is:

Heretical Edge – The plot is good. The characters have a degree of depth that is rare in many of these online stories. The descriptions and ideas are all great. I would recommend it to quite a few of my friends. But I didn’t decide to write a review because of how great the story is. I decided to write a review because I can no longer continue reading this.

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead.

Why? Because no one ever draws a line in the sand. Essentially, every person has a line. One that cannot be crossed. Once crossed, the relationship with the person who crossed that line is irreversibly damaged. The characters in this story simply do not have this line. The most recent example of this is where one of the female characters finds the person who let a large number of people from her “clan” die. Instead of going “I can’t believe you did that, I hate you.” She attacks him, then pleads with him, then immediately forgives him despite what he has done, not recieving an excuse for the actions or anything. She has no prior relationship to the man. The only information we receive is that he let a lot of people she knew and loved die, forcing her to take on a role she didn’t want and give up her greatest dream.

She doesn’t respond negatively, she responds positively to this. Forgiving him, and recieving a pep talk from him about being chosen for a role. This sucks. I know that if I were in her shoes? I wouldn’t forgive him. At least not straight away, it would take more than what occurred for me to do that at the very least. Sadly, this kind of thing occurs repeatedly. Apart from that the story is really good. Really good. I went on and on about the bad thing there for awhile there but it is overall an ok story. The only other issue I had is the whole Satan thing. Which was . . . not great. Kind of . . . insulting. But this is a work of fiction and I have to remember that. It did taint the read a bit.

I would recommend to other readers to read this story and say what they think. Unless you’re a Christian like me, then avoid it like the plague. I should have know with something called Heretical Edge, but I just thought it would be a story about Swords of Darkness and dived right in (this should be in the Sci-Fi section, not Fantasy). Thanks for reading this if you did.

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