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Editor’s First Look – Genuine and Spooky

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Nov 24, 2017: Sadly, I missed reviewing this around Halloween time, because it would have been seasonally appropriate – a remote summer camp, eight kids seeming to be from around 8 through 12, and two counselors. Myra is serious and always seems to be conscious of the responsibility of being in charge of the well-being of eight kids, while her co-counselor, Alex seems more interested in gaining her attention than their young charges.

The author does a good job of drawing the beautiful and remote camp to the readers – I got a good sense of the natural surroundings of forest and lake, as well as drawing readers into an ever-widening sense that something isn’t completely right. Myra, our protagonist, begins to notice things about Alex’s actions that don’t seem right, up through and then beyond the first accident with the campers. Alex seems to have an explanation for his actions, although Myra doesn’t really seem to believe him. The sense of unease, and wondering what’s going to happen next, really make the story real for the reader.

I was going to dock the author half a star due to problems with site navigation, because I expected to find a link at the bottom of each chapter directing me to the next, but there isn’t one. Instead, I eventually realized that the ‘Newer Posts’ link would take you to the next chapter. It took me a while of navigating back to the Table of Contents before I figured that out (maybe that was just my issue, though!).

At any rate, if you like horror or psychological thriller stories, I think you will probably like this one, so check it out.

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