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By Eviltwinpixie, member

Jul 1, 2010: When I clicked on Ho Springs, I intended only to look at the interesting website design and read the first chapter. By the time I’d done that, however, I was hooked, and have now plugged several hours into reading it. The site design is beautiful. Vibrant and interesting, the header tells you a lot about the story before you read anything or click on the pretty neon icons. The story itself is excellently written. The characters are well-realized and each one has a very distinctive and individual voice. I like some better than others, but I find myself caring about them as I go through the story, and fascinated by what they will do next. The writing is descriptive and precise, allowing me to picture scenes and characters nicely without lingering too long over it. I am enjoying the multimedia nature of it. Being able to click a link and check out the recipe for a cake a character is serving or listen to the song another is playing in her car—these little touches make it unique and very interesting.

I haven’t finished reading yet, but I’m working my way through with enthusiasm. Ho Springs is definitely a story I’ll be keeping up with.

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