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A Fun Read

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Jul 2, 2014: Holly(Woods) tells the story of a young ingénue (the title character) who has come to L.A. in the hopes of becoming a star. Holly experiences one lucky break after another, precipitating her rise to stardom, despite not having much training or experience in show business.

Though this plot line could easily become grating, clichéd, or ridiculous, the author avoids this potential problem by playing up Holly’s weaknesses, namely her naiveté which gets her into a number of scrapes—some of which aren’t so easy to get out of. Because Holly is an interesting, well-rounded character, I found myself genuinely invested in what happened to her.

Most of the secondary characters are also quite well crafted. While each character initially seems to fit into a particular type (the leading man, the wise older woman), the author pushes beyond these formulas and makes her characters into fully developed, flawed human beings. I found Peter to be particularly well written, especially given the way that his plot line has developed.

However, I was not really invested in the secondary plot which involves the makeover of an out-of-control pop star and a paparazzo-turned-manager. It’s not badly written, but, for me, there wasn’t enough going on in that part of the story to maintain interest. In addition, the connecting of the primary and secondary plots could have been better executed. As it is, it seems a bit forced and a little clunky.

That being said, I still highly recommend this story for anyone who is looking for a good, light read. The writing style is clear and enjoyable, the short chapters help maintain reader focus and interest, and the characters are easy to cheer on.

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