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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Mar 9, 2013: Holly(Woods) follows a familiar story line, that of a young woman coming to Hollywood to try her luck at becoming a star, but the author of this tale has a way of making the time-worn story seem fresh.

Right away, I liked her breezy, almost conversational writing tone that makes Holly’s world seem accessible. I also liked that although Holly (the main character), is young she isn’t completely naïve, and ends up taking a rather mean step against someone who was trying to take advantage of her early in the story. This signaled to me that I shouldn’t expect a lot of the clichés that I’ve seen before in this type of story, and the author does deliver in that regard so far. The story is only thirteen chapters in so far, so I’m hoping that this trend continues.

As far as what could be improved, there are some typos in all of the chapters I’ve read so far, and unfortunately they don’t seem like the kind that spell check would pick up (e.g., “away” is used when “way” is meant, “ally” is used when “alley” is meant, etc.). I’d recommend the author get a friend to proofread her work in the future; this is the sort of thing that a second reader would probably pick up pretty quickly but that the author, who’s seen the text numerous times, might not pick up on.

At any rate, I’ve found that the story is interesting so far and was able to draw me in quickly. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Hollywood insider stories told from the perspective of an outsider.

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