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How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis by mooderino

It looks like a game. It feels like a game. It isn't a game. 

What if you really were transported to a fantasy world and expected to kill monsters to survive?

No special abilities, no OP weapons, no status screen to boost your stats. Never mind finding the dragon’s treasure or defeating the Demon Lord, you only need to worry about one thing—how to stay alive.

Note: How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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Listed: May 12, 2016


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Editorial Reviews

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The Cynic’s Progress

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 14, 2016: Sometimes, you just feel like reading something light and fun. This fits the bill.

We have a grouchy, cynical unreliable narrator, who is a great source of sardonic humour. He’s not as useless as he thinks he is, as in his quest to survive he finds himself becoming the reluctant leader of a group of misfits, who ironically bring out the best in each other. Not only do they survive, they bring themselves to the attention of the powers that be in this weird fantasy world, which brings a host of new challenges.

Despite their unexpected skill at survival, I like that none of the characters turn out to be supermen or superwomen in disguise. They are all flawed, callow, but in their own way decent young people in a fish out of water situation. The characterization is exaggerated for humour, but actually quite insightful.

Besides the humour, I enjoyed all the twists and turns and surprises the world holds, throughout which the fast-moving plot manages to hang together remarkably well. Dislikes? Nothing much . . . it is what it is, not meant to be deep or taken too seriously, just magical adventure with a humourous twist. Kudos for consistent and frequent updates.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Skip the first ten chapters. Trust me.

By TanaNari, author of Price

May 14, 2016: They’re basically not even the same story as what comes after.

Story starts out painfully generic. The main character is uber-geek-stereotype #Lostcount magically teleported into a fantasy world. He decides it’s a computer RPG world, with generic ogres and what have you. Things are stupid for a while.

Writing’s sloppy, choppy, and stilted early on, with chapters only ~500 words or so at most and so many sentence fragments and non [more . . .]

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The story improves quickly and is still getting better

By Bryten, member

Jun 9, 2016: When I first started reading this story, I almost dropped it. The scenario seemed familiar, the writing could have used improvements, and the protagonist seemed to have zero redeeming qualities.

However, the despicable personality of the main character is why I continued to read, because it is a refreshing alternative to the driven, kind hearted, gifted main character that we typically see curb stomping every evil doer they come across.

The story [more . . .]

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Put off by sexism

By casmirradon, member

May 26, 2016: Read the first 13 chapters. It’s a pretty simple and done-before storyline but it’s one that I’m a sucker for so that didn’t put me off at all. Writing is pretty simple and not great but I’ve seen much worse and it’s servicable enough as long as the story is interesting. I wouldn’t know if the story gets more interesting though (it certainly hadn’t become interesting yet) because I simply can’t wade through any more sexism (plus low level racism and ableism). I thought I would just ignore it, but [more . . .]

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