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The Cynic’s Progress

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 14, 2016: Sometimes, you just feel like reading something light and fun. This fits the bill.

We have a grouchy, cynical unreliable narrator, who is a great source of sardonic humour. He’s not as useless as he thinks he is, as in his quest to survive he finds himself becoming the reluctant leader of a group of misfits, who ironically bring out the best in each other. Not only do they survive, they bring themselves to the attention of the powers that be in this weird fantasy world, which brings a host of new challenges.

Despite their unexpected skill at survival, I like that none of the characters turn out to be supermen or superwomen in disguise. They are all flawed, callow, but in their own way decent young people in a fish out of water situation. The characterization is exaggerated for humour, but actually quite insightful.

Besides the humour, I enjoyed all the twists and turns and surprises the world holds, throughout which the fast-moving plot manages to hang together remarkably well. Dislikes? Nothing much . . . it is what it is, not meant to be deep or taken too seriously, just magical adventure with a humourous twist. Kudos for consistent and frequent updates.

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