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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Aug 26, 2013: When the first chapter of I Hraet You contained not only an introduction to an unforgettable (and unlikely) hero, as well as dropping a ferris wheel on him, I knew it was going to be fun to read. Our hero, Lloyd B. Hoigleheimer, would-be master of a big-busted harem of lovelies, has trouble advancing on even one girl without getting adorned with the contents of a garbage can. His luck seems to change, however, when he gets rescued by Trixie, a surfer babe, and realizes that he seems to have gained psychic powers as a result of his unfortunate ferris wheel accident.

The world of Porbeagle seemed familiar and comfortable as I read about it, and the author seems to have a talent at introducing characters, allowing them to let their unique personalities and talents shine so that we can find out who they are. The story itself is interesting and engaging enough that I found myself absorbed into it quite quickly, wondering what would happen next.

The main thing I liked about the story, however, was the humor. The author has a distinct talent for being outrageously funny without making the story seem unbelievable. All of the characters have funny quirks, but at the same time are quite normally human enough to be easy to relate to. Also, the author seems to have a talent for getting the characters into various, sometimes mundane, situations but managing to tell the tale in such a way that it becomes howlingly funny.

The only thing I could think of to recommend as an area to improve would be to ask the author to watch out for verb tenses. There were a number of tense changes, sometimes within the same sentence, that broke the flow and made me have to read back through them to determine what meaning was intended.

At any rate, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates humor in writing, or is interested in humorous fantasy tales. It’s a fun read that I think many would like.

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