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If I were to make a long review title it would be this one.

By FrustratedEgo, member

Mar 3, 2016: This fiction is posted in a few places. The story is different enough from most of Top Web Fiction’s works that readers may enjoy it. The title however pretty much outlines what the story is about.

For those not familiar with the genre style – take a ‘normal person’, move them to a fantasy world, and put them in charge of a dungeon with something akin to Dungeon Keeper styled games. Assume girls are involved with awkward teenage moments and a vague anime feeling to young relationships.

If you haven’t actually read a ‘person manages a dungeon’ style story and are looking for something to break away from super hero and fantasy, this is a decent alternative to try out for a few chapters. You can easily get a feel for nearly all these style stories after reading through this one.

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