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Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted by Sazer


Where a palace may be built up in the sky or below the surface, where those who praise the Moon may intervene with space or time itself, where shimaros bolt through forests and dragons roam free . . . where the heavens once bestowed their greatest blessings—such is the world of Krymenos.

But, as grand as it may sound, an inevitable turn of events has occurred, and its fate now rests in the hands of the most unlikely heroes—humans. They’re young, they’re inexperienced, not to mention vessels of hormones and emotional clamor, but . . . they do have the elements bending under their wills.

So, they might survive. They might embark on the most miraculous journey, they might achieve greatness—and they might just discover themselves in the process.

Note: Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted contains some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Aug 26, 2018


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Gifted and Charming

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Nov 24, 2018: The YA genre, I feel, has always been a bit oversaturated and full of the same tropes. Good-looking, cool protagonists who are either prodigies or chosen ones with little definable effort. Villains who are either never able to go the distance with their villainy or simply fall into either black or white categories, and even magic systems that either get too complicated or not complicated enough.

But this particular story, Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted, is a good example of handing [more . . .]

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Check It Out On An Impulse, Stay Without A Thought

By Loud Thomas, author of Battle is an Art

Sep 2, 2018: Impulsive-DOTG is a fantasy tale that focuses less on its fantastic nature and more on its main characters and how they handle each other and the new world they’ve been thrust into. And it does this in a spectacular fashion.

Going into a bit more depth, I’ll start with style. Impulse is told mostly from the third-person perspective of the five separate main characters: Sam, Dylan, Zac, Rebecca, and Eddy. The word choice used is excellent at divulging the thoughts of [more . . .]

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