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Much Less Romantic Than the Title Sounds

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Sep 28, 2014: This is a complete novel in a modern setting. It has strong elements of dark fantasy, monstrous races (that prey on / despise humanity), magic (the dark secrets sort, not DnD style) government conspiracies and eldritch abominations from beyond our world, etc.

The story starts off simply enough, there’s an old man with a crush on a pretty waitress. John Sig is his name. His friend Phil thinks John is an idiot and no pretty little thing is going to want to . . . well Phil is a little crude so we won’t repeat his statements here. He doesn’t approve.

Like I said, simple enough. Of course this is a dark fantasy / horror novel so no, obviously it isn’t. I’ll try not to spoil anything but its apparent very early on that John is a lot less nice than he appears.

He used to be a very dangerous man and though his aging body may have reduced his threat level his mind is still that of a being who looks on the people around him as either prey or threats.

Watching everything slide out of control is great fun. If you like a story where things that go bump in the night are a source of fear rather than in need of redeeming this could well be for you.

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