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In the Silence by Devon James


It’s the year 2013, and all Gareth wants is to lead a normal life. The problem? He’s a magic user, and the government believes magic users and werewolves are too dangerous to roam free. When he accidentally starts a rebellion, he struggles to keep his fellow rebels safe, delving into dark magic, and finds the consequences could be fatal.

But while Gareth fights to protect the rebels from outside forces, they face danger from the inside when magic users prove to be as prejudiced against werewolves as the government they’re fighting. The tensions between the two groups threaten to tear the rebellion apart from the inside.

Note: In the Silence is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Jul 28, 2013


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Editorial Reviews

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 26, 2013: In the Silence is a fascinating story about a messy revolution, set right now and in Massachusetts, and a number of the people involved in the rebel side of the fight. You’re dropped right into the middle of the action, in the aftermath of a battle, which is where the source of the conflict comes to light. Magic users and werewolves have been living for some time in America, and hiding due to the fear and prejudice they experienced, until all of that boiled over and they decided they wanted a place to live where they didn’t have to hide.

The story focuses on two tough and hard-to-know main characters, Gareth, a mage and one of the central figures of the revolution, and his werewolf girlfriend Charlie. I liked how the author gradually reveals their stories, and their deft handling of showing how it feels to be part of a class of people that has been designated ‘less’ for some reason. For all of the shapeshifters and mages in the area the rebels have carved out for themselves, there are also normal people there, and the mismatch between them and those who formerly had to live in secrecy and fear can be heartbreaking. Even those who mean well don’t really seem to understand, and even in the space that these people have taken as a home there are still encounters with those who hate or fear them.

The author also did an excellent job of writing the idea of a revolution, and the messiness of it. There are flying rumors, would-be presidents who say that they’re willing to talk to the rebels and work something out who may or may not just be spouting hot air, dissent within the ranks due to people who don’t like or fear some of their neighbors, and so many things that seem as if the goal of a home for the formerly homeless might fly off the tracks, but still everything lurches on with a sort of huge momentum, and the author makes it fascinating to watch.

The writing itself seems generally well put together, with the only really rough spots I’ve noticed being the transitions between some of the scenes seeming a bit too rapid. As another improvement, I’d recommend that the author get a friend to proof each chapter before publication to avoid writing things like ‘wretched’ when ‘retched’ is really what’s meant. Finally, I noticed that although it says this story updates weekly on Tuesday, the last entry at the date of this review was October 16. I’d advise the author to stick fast to a schedule in order to grow a readership, and if for some reason the posting will be late, at least put up something to notify your readers of the delay.

At any rate, I found this story a fascinating start and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes their fantasy in a modern day setting with a whole lot of realism in it.

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