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Inexorable Chaos by Quasi Eludo


What happens when a summoned hero completes their task given by those from up above? When a summoned hero returns back to earth after having saved the world, do they still get to live a normal life?

The answer is actually yes, they usually do. They get married to the one they love, have kids, and then death takes them away.

Of course, that is only usually. There are a select few who choose not to . . . think the same way.

Some of them find such a life boring, dull even.

They want to taste for adventure once more, feed their drive for exploration! Power, wealth, another life, they want it all. So, what do they do? Why, they do what Quasi does . . . 

They sell themselves to the gods.

Note: Inexorable Chaos contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: May 14, 2019


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Chaos, like change, can be both good and bad

By sunflowerofice, author of Technically Abroad

May 29, 2019: Alright so Inexorable Chaos is not bad, but at the same time there wasn’t anything there that really pulled me in.

Now that the one sentence review is done let me give a bit more specific with spoilers where I see fit to explain. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum though.

First off I only read to chapter nine so keep that in mind and of course this is to [more . . .]

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A Real Slog

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Jul 17, 2019: After a first chapter like Inexorable Chaos’s, you might be expecting something real interesting. The story begins with the Trickster Gods of a half-dozen Earth mythologies coming together into a mysterious realm at the behest of Loki, and then getting trapped as Loki begins the first phase of a mysterious plan. The story hits the ground running with a really interesting setup, and you have no idea what direction it’s going—

—And then chapter 2 is about an isekai hero, apparently [more . . .]

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