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Chaos, like change, can be both good and bad

By sunflowerofice, author of Technically Abroad

May 29, 2019: Alright so Inexorable Chaos is not bad, but at the same time there wasn’t anything there that really pulled me in.

Now that the one sentence review is done let me give a bit more specific with spoilers where I see fit to explain. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum though.

First off I only read to chapter nine so keep that in mind and of course this is to my taste so it could end up a perfect score to you.

It starts out with a meeting between gods and honestly some of it was quite fun, like loki wanting to give a spider god a spiderman shirt. I liked the back and forth that they had, but felt that everything was a bit rushed out. Sure dragging it out is bad, but it barely felt like anything was done and basically loki said it would go his way and it did to the point he had stuff prepped ahead of time for the demands they had.

Then you meet the mc. Someone who apparently is a professional hero from another world. Sure that cuts out some of the need to explain that he is going to another world and the wonder that it happened, but apparently he gets millions in his bank account from doing so and it felt like the fact was rushed over as well. You would expect more than a detective to talk to you about it. like perhaps the irs or something? Although for all i know he isn’t in america.

Oh and he ends up really op right off the bat. Sure he has experience with this but he kills people 10 and 100 times his level right as he appears.

That I guess is a good place to mention this uses rpg mechanics. Levels, classes, etc but there was something that kinda put me off personally. The pop up windows all the time, not literally pop ups like a website ad, but within the text. These big blue blocks that felt like, in some cases especially, were there to stretch how long the page was. I don’t know word wise if that’s true but it just felt like it to me and I’m the only one I can know about in this case. My take on the story not the intent of the writer.

But yeah. Kill two people easily unarmed and naked who are much higher level than you? Sure he is a hero but he has only base level one there should be at least some challenge somewhere, but nope its all easy peasy lemon squeezy. Seems like a bit of a lazy power fantasy.

So we got this really overpowered person from the start who is a hero and gets necromancy despite the fact those classes aren’t suppose to work but hey lets just do it anyway. And that’s not me saying a hero can’t be a necromancer thats the story saying it.

As of now it also feels like every chapter swaps focus between characters. Not even just 2 of them but a lot. In fact when you go from mc chapter to a slave priestess chapter I thought that the mc was the slave at first and found that interesting, but when i found out it wasn’t.. . . . idk my interest went down.

Now that said it is not terribly written and has some nice jokes and such here and there. A bit of comedy here and there. Although the same pop culture thing is used twice withing just the parts I read. giving a spider god a spiderman shirt like loki thought and naming a spider that the mc found peter.

Regardless I could see myself reading this one if I am in the right mood. It could change later, but for now I might peek again later, but not right now. The story just doesn’t feel up to it for me despite not being something I would say I hate.

I’m not the best at these yet, but I’m going to try to condense it to this.

It is good enough that I might read it later, but there is nothing drawing me in so its kind of a middle ground story that I can see myself going back to or forgetting it even existed when enough time passes.

Is it for everyone? no or I’d say its for me, but should you avoid it? I can’t say you should just know what to expect.

Another good thing is the updates. I see this person did a lot of updates so far. it

34 updates in four months. It doesn’t look to be a constant schedule based on what I can see, but while I prefer a schedule I know others like seeing it pop up the second its made. There were ten posts from 4 months ago and 5 from one month ago and this last month seems to be about every 6 days.

Anyway not sure how to end this so I’ll just say give it a shot it might be to your taste. I know its not to mine but i can see how others might like it.

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