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A Real Slog

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Jul 17, 2019: After a first chapter like Inexorable Chaos’s, you might be expecting something real interesting. The story begins with the Trickster Gods of a half-dozen Earth mythologies coming together into a mysterious realm at the behest of Loki, and then getting trapped as Loki begins the first phase of a mysterious plan. The story hits the ground running with a really interesting setup, and you have no idea what direction it’s going—

—And then chapter 2 is about an isekai hero, apparently an author insert because he has the same name, being summoned to a fantasy world and beginning his quest to become the strongest person ever thanks to his overpowered stats.

Yes, the story is a LitRPG isekai harem. No, it isn’t advertised as such. And from my other reviews of LitRPGs, you already know that I don’t generally care for the medium because I think that the stories focus far too much on the "mechanics" of their world than telling an interesting story or going anywhere with the characters. Well, now I feel like I judged "I Hate Being Wed in a Fantasy World!" way too harshly, because Inexorable Chaos is a big step down.

The protagonist, despite having nearly nothing to do with Loki as far as I read (Chapter 22 out of 43 currently), has a decent origin that could make for a fun story— he’s a Hero for Hire, someone summoned from Earth into various fantasy worlds to deal with the stuff that pops up. He’s jaded and grizzled, and this adventure is his very first LitRPG. Doesn’t that sound like a good metafictional setup for a lot of fun comedy?

It’s not.

The story, by Chapter 4, devolves into just . . . fighting and fantasy worlds and RPG stats and talking endlessly about leveling up abilities and . . . My word it’s hard to get through. There’s like two dozen characters, including a side-protagonist Jessica who is native to the fantasy world, then a DIFFERENT summoned hero Frankie, whose personality I was never able to pin down. Though, the protagonist Quasi Eludo ALSO had a personality I couldn’t pin down at all; besides insulting the characters around him and literally having the superpower to attract all females around him, he didn’t have one trait I could name.

It’d be okay if the writing were decent, or the fights were fun to follow. But the prose is so, so flat. Nobody ever has any emotions or personality. There’s never any imagery in any of the descriptions, or anything FUN. It’s like someone writing a transcription of a bunch of video game cutscenes.

I was determined to read to the end, I really was. But the final chapter I read began with a slave rape scene, one that was portrayed so graphically it bordered on fetishistic, and that’s when I had to bow out. There was no going further from there.

Unless you are an absolute LitRPG die hard and have no other stories to read, stay away.

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