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Embrace the Darkness

By AM_Thorn, author of Vigilantes Make Us Safe

Jan 2, 2019: From the first time I started reading Inheritors I found it grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. Megajoule (the writer, not the character) has a strong grasp of momentum and he rarely lets up as he drives Gabe and his friends into darkness and danger. At times that darkness may not be entirely to the story’s benefit but on the whole I still find Inheritors easy to recommend.

If you want a deep story recap I’d encourage you to just read the piece but Inheritors is about Gabe, a clone of Megajoule who was possibly the greatest superhero the world ever knew before his mysterious death. Gabe doesn’t have the man’s full ability but he’s living a life on the run as he tries to use the powers he does have for good and stay off the government’s radar as they’d like nothing more than to bring him in.

Gabe’s an interesting character, finding himself in a very large shadow but with limited knowledge of the man he feels he has to live up to. He simultaneously wants to be worthy of that legacy and be his own man, a combination which proves difficult as he gets drawn further and further into a dark world.

As strong as Gabe is though the supporting cast really shine. Personal favorites include Remise and Bedevil. What I love most about the supporting cast is Megajoule’s ability to weave layers of development for each character. If someone seems one dimensional you’ll probably find more beneath the surface if they get to stick around. He’s done it enough throughout the story to give me faith that the few characters I’m still looking for more from will get there in time.

If I have one big complaint about Inheritors it’s the level of darkness that hangs over everything. I’m no stranger to the dark and sex and violence have their place in many stories. To his credit, Megajoule makes the level of content you’re in for clear up front with a large disclaimer on the main page of his site. That doesn’t make it a stronger means of telling a story though. While sex and violence have their place, far too often they fell gratuitous here, serving more to break up the story or to try to add excitement than to move the story forward. Inheritors spends a lot of time in true darkness. I can respect that but a little more time in the light would both make it an easier read and help to contrast that darkness in a stronger way, driving home what the heroes here are fighting for.

Despite this I’d call Inheritors one of the strongest superhero based serials I’ve read. It isn’t perfect but its a constantly interesting read with strong characters to pull you in. If you’re looking for a new story to kill the hours, you’ve found it.

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