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By Docmars, author of Tomorrow Girl in Bismarck

May 24, 2018: note part of a swap

The story has a great premise, a vigilante is actually a clone of a superhero who is using his superpowers to save four innocent young girls from being sold in a human trafficking auction. It has an intense excitement to it, with lots of fast moving fight scenes, but yet the kindness and the humor of the main character, Gabe, the clone, shine through.

I particularly like the ironic humor in the first paragraph, especially for someone familiar with Houston, “Do they think the East Downtown area is crawling with noble citizens that trust the government?” Also there is great humor a little further down: “Another ten minutes and that might’ve gotten bad,” describing the superhero Megajoule using his powers to save a building from collapsing.

The powers that Megajoule has are amazing, like being able to stop a building from falling, and I also like that the author explains it by the clone commenting on it, rather than just simply stating it.

The author gives good explanations throughout the story, and does it without making the reader feel that he is not that bright. There is intense action throughout the story, and the reader could easily become lost, but with just a few cleverly placed explanations, the reader can easily keep up with what is happening. Examples of this are “I’m here to intercept a human trafficking operation,” and “Each of my power moves costs about 100 degrees, so I have plenty to work with,” and “I keep my eyes on the prize. Four innocent girls that need help.”

An instance of foreshadowing is cleverly placed. Earlier on in the story there is a comment: “If the Federal Investigative Service show up too soon, the plan’s pooched,” and then in the last line the “pooched” term is strategically used again.

This was a great read, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here

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