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A home run of a story

By SKHenry, member

Jun 18, 2019: Reviewing is not my strong suit but I hope I did this story justice.

Inheritors is a story about Gabe, the clone of the world’s greatest superhero with only a fraction of the power (it’s like a greater take on the concept of Superboy.). Gabe for the most part is a good kid; he wants to help and make a difference in any way he can and won’t let anything stop him. Unfortunately, Gabe is inheritor’s Spider-man, meaning he be suffering. As someone that has read inheritors, I can say with hundred percent certainty that Megajoule is an interdimensional entity that feeds of his reader’s pain. However, with this serial, pain is a good thing. Now before you start calling me a masochist allow me to delve deeper.

Inheritors is a fictional story that takes place in a fictional world with fictional characters that deal with fictional things (Granted, there are stuff like Human trafficking, Alcoholism, Identity crisis etc. These are all real-world stuff, but you should get where I’m going.). Despite it all being fictional it hurts me, everytime Gabe doubts himself or when Bedevil makes a mistake, it really gets to me. I shouldn’t care as much as I do but I do and that says a lot about the beauty of Megajoule’s prose. In a matter of a few words I’m intrigued, after a few chapters I’m invested and after an arc I’m addicted.

One of the first things that caught me with Inheritors was the dialogue. It’s surreal, on multiple occasion I forgot I was reading a book, it’s so fluid and real. Next is the characters, I love all of them, even the ones I’m supposed to hate. They’re just so well done. Especially the main cast, who each go through their own growth and hurdles and oh boy are there some hurdles. Whether it be self-related hurdles, relationships or just a plain old supervillain. The more I think about it the more I believe the writer may be a sadist. Though I suppose once those hurdles are cleared its much more satisfying and worthwhile.

There is probably a whole lot more I can say about this serial, but I’m bad at reviews, so I’ll leave the really in-depth and good critiques to the professionals. So, if your reading this to find out if you should read Inheritors, the answer is yes. Yes, you should. The only thing you’ll regret is catching up so quickly after getting addicted and having to wait for the new chapter, to see what the tyrant now as Megajoule has in store for our heroes (Although it updates weekly, so you should be fine.). And Mega if your reading this, leave Gabe alone, he’s suffered enough.

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