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InnerWorld by Jennifer Beasmoney


After recovering from a motorcycle accident that nearly kills him, 18-year-old Gavyn Fraser is eager to gather the pieces of his broken life and resume some level normalcy. Now living alone with his mother in New York City, Gavyn longs to establish some control, but his grip on reality seems to be slipping away from him as he finds himself plagued by mysterious apparitions, supernatural creatures, and strangers stalking him in the night. Before Gavyn even realizes it, he is thrust into a world unlike any he dreamed existed and he must figure out who to trust, how to protect himself and his family, and how to survive before it’s too late.

Note: InnerWorld is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Mar 30, 2014


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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 3, 2015: InnerWorld is an interesting coming-of-age story about a young man, Gavyn, who was involved in a wreck and is recovering from that in some ways, even a year later. Gradually, it begins to seem to him (and the reader) that perhaps what he’s experiencing doesn’t entirely seem to be in the realm of everyday or normal.

The author does a good job of showing us his world, and describing the frustrations and struggles of a young man going through his teenage years, dealing with an abusive father, and later living in a single parent household (where his mom isn’t able to be home a lot due to long work hours). The writing is pretty solid, the only consistent errors I noted were ones that wouldn’t be picked out by spellcheck, so maybe a beta reader would be helpful. That said, the story was well-written in general and I wasn’t really thrown out of it by the small number of errors.

At any rate, if you enjoy coming-of-age tales, especially those that seem to have supernatural suspense elements to them, I think you’ll enjoy InnerWorld.

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