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Insatiable by Kelly Jamieson


Tyler Gregg’s career is on fire. Recently named one of the best new chefs in America, his two restaurants in Santa Barbara, California are hot, his cookbook is selling like crazy and he’s inundated with requests for television appearances, book signings and magazine interviews. Being gorgeous, super-sexy and single doesn’t hurt his popularity, either. It’s all he’s ever wanted. Or is it?

Tyler loves women and sex almost as much as he loves food, moving from one stunning girlfriend to another. He’s intense and passionate, sometimes hard to work with. Luckily he has Chloe Graham, his personal manager, to bring him down when he gets too wound up, and to kick his butt when he acts like a bad boy.

Note: Insatiable contains some graphic sexual content and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jan 30, 2009


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Sex and the Celebrity Chef

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Feb 22, 2009: Tyler is a Celebrity Chef – the A List dine in his restaurant and a guest spot on the Leno show takes a place in his diary. He wants it ALL and some – you could say he is insatiable and that is why he decided to name his restaurant accordingly.

Chloe is his Personal Manager – her role includes (but not limited to) letting him play with her hair, taking him to the hospital when he slices his hand instead of the frozen demi-glace and sexually arousing him when his confidence needs a boost. Well, perhaps not all the time, just when he has been dumped by his latest girlfriend and rumour has it that Oprah has a table booked.

Despite their obvious attraction to each other they have failed to fully consummate their relationship, though the way the story is going – that should not be for much longer. On the other hand, maybe the author plans to let them smoulder for a little while longer.

So far, with only 7 short chapters, Insatiable is your general run of the mill erotic romance. New chapters are posted weekly.

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By swin, member

Jun 11, 2009: I give thumbs up for this fun, light read. There is not much depth to the characters, but I was pulled along by the chemestry created between them. And it is HOT!

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By merr49, member

Nov 22, 2019: [more . . .]

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